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Model G6 (New)

My Water Cooler's model G6 is the World's most unique, and most advanced water dispensing system ever created! It holds just over 5 gallons (20 liters), and dispenses Hot/Cold as well as Ambient Water.

The G6 features dual built in cup holders, as well as a drain collection tank that catches overflow from the faucet. It has an easy to use microprocessor control panel, adjustable cooling capabilities, an advanced leak controlling system, and a modern look that cannot be surpassed by competitors. The G6 is also equipped with a hot water lock to prevent children from burning accidents, and surgical grade stainless steel reservoirs to keep water safe from chemicals leaching out of plastics. It can be equipped with any combination of filtration desired (Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration, UV light sterilization, In-Tank Ozone, well water pre-treatment filter with KDF®, nano silver carbon). This model is not available through online merchants, and can only be acquired through an authorized My Water Cooler Distributor.

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